Benefits of playing with LED Toys

With darkness falling earlier and earlier, we need a dazzling light  to enliven our children's playtime! Lights and toys come together and in Bubblebox we have the proof. Our LED Toys are a hit and delight the little ones and the older kids. We tell you some benefits of playing with these types of products.

Behavioral Distraction

Because LED Toys are so fascinating, a child in the middle of a tantrum can turn their attention to an amazing light show and stop misbehaving. In this case, the illuminated toy helps to regain calm and promotes self-regulation. "An ounce of prevention", as the saying goes, "is worth a pound of cure". For example, playing with our LED Football Ball or our Mesh Soccer Ball will work wonders!

Therapeutic Distraction

In another setting, LED Toys make ideal distractions. It draws a child’s focus away from a frightening situation for her/him. For example,  specialists use LED Toys to distract children undergoing simple medical procedures.  Instead of the child freaking out, he/she becomes mesmerized by lights! Before the fascination wears off, the procedure is finished, and the child is too spellbound to notice. It makes the procedure go more smoothly. As a result, a potentially problematic experience becomes a positive one.

Creativity and Sensorial Development

An illuminated toy offers a world of possibilities during play. Not only will the object itself be fun, but by incorporating LED lights, the game will take on a new dimension and stimulate your kid's senses. For example, our LED Glasses has different light modes easily switchable with a button, adapting the rhythm of the lights to the game and enhancing creativity.

It helps making friends

For shy children, making new friends can be a challenging and difficult experience that can have an impact on their future. These types of toys will catch the attention of any curious child. If your child has an LED Toy, it will help other children to get close to him and want to play together, facilitating relationships and making meeting other children a positive experience, thanks to which, he will gradually become less shy.